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Since Galvanising involves coating of zinc with base steel at a considerably low cost and relatively high negligible maintenance for a longer duration, it is considered to be the most cost effective coating today.

The corrosion rate is extremely slow compared to other conventional coatings.


Galva Coat Galvanizing Procedure:

Degreasing: Where the steel material is immersed into degreasing path to remove grease, paint and oil from the surface.

Pickling: The steel material is Immersed into HCL solution tank for approximately 1 to 3 hours to remove all rust from steel surface.

Fluxing: The clean steel is immersed in a flux tank consisting of zinc ammonium chlorides solution to wet the steel surface and prevent oxidation before Galvanising process.

Dipping in Molten Zinc: This is the most important step; the steel material is dipped molten zinc bath at a temp. of 450 degrees C. for a measured time to form the required zinc iron alloy thickness that varies depending on the steel material specifications.

Passivation: The galvanized materials are dipped in the Passivating tank whenever, required to prevent wet storage stains or white rust.

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