Traffic Poles

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Traffic poles are used to carry the traffic signals which controls the flow of vehicles traffic in roads and at intersections & junction points. It consists of a vertical shaft and cantilever arm whose length varies from 3 to 14 m depending on the road design and traffic requirements.


Design wind speed is 160 Km/hr or as per the customer request multiplied by gust factor of 1.3 (Gust speed is 208 Km/ hr or as specified in the project specifications)

Design of poles is performed utilizing Computer software to analyse the pole shaft, cantilever arm, base plate and anchor bolts.


Material used to fabricate the pole components will be in accordance of international standards and as per the project specifications.


No welding, cutting or drilling is done after galvanising.

The anchor bolts including nuts and washers are hot dip galvanised according to ASTM A 153.


Pole shaft and cantilever arms with length up to 14 meters are made from one segment and having polygonal or conical shape with dimensions complying with the design structural analysis, international standards requirements, and as per customer requirements.

Base plate is square or rectangle in shape with holes suitable for the required anchor bolts. Dimensions of the base plate given in our drawings are complying with design analysis.

Traffic signals are attached to the cantilever arms at specified location based on the road layout by clamping system (supplied by the traffic signal suppliers).

Door opening size and location is as per the customer requirements and its complying with the dimensions of the cut-out. Door opening is reinforced to maintain the shaft strength; in addition, a rubber gasket is fixed around the door frame for weatherproofing.

An Earthing lug is welded inside the shaft at the door opening level and equipped with the required bolts, nuts and washers for earthing.

Straightness, tolerances and plumbness of the pole are maintained within permissible limits according to international standards.

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