Hinged Poles

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The mid-hinged poles can be designed with heights from 8m up to 30m only, with limitations on mounting equipments weights.

Hinge device: Made of S.S. spindle.

Jacket: The jacket is fabricated as one segment only.


Material used to fabricate the hinged pole components will be in accordance of international standards and as per the project specifications.


No welding, cutting or drilling is done after galvanising.

The anchor bolts including nuts and washers are hot dip galvanised according to ASTM A 153.


As desired circular or Square base plate with holes suitable for the anchor bolts is welded to the bottom of the shaft by double fillet weld according to international standard, base plate will be open in the centre to allow the cables in.

Door cover is fixed to the pole shaft by using a stainless steel chain or hinges. The door cover will be held in a position with Allen head locking screw.

Straightness, tolerances and plumpness of the pole are maintained within permissible limits according to international standards.

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