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The Monopoles for telecommunication covers most of the surface GSM antennae requirement. It consists of a main pole shaft with a working platform at the top to cater for the installation and maintenance of microwave dishes and GSM antennae. Due to faster installation and aesthetic blend with the surrounding, and lesser ground area it occupies, they are being preferred over the conventional tower support structure and guyed mast.


Design wind speed (Survival & Operational) is based on the customer requirement with gust factor as per international codes or project specifications.



Material used to fabricate the pole components will be in accordance of international standards and as per the project specifications.


No welding, cutting or drilling is done after galvanising.

The anchor bolts including nuts and washers are hot dip galvanised according to ASTM A 153.


Poles with heights up to 14 meters are made from one shaft segment. Poles higher than 14m heights are made from two or more segments with minimum overlap length of 1.5 times the diameter of bottom of the upper segment.

Base plate is circular in shape with wall thickness and anchor bolts satisfying the design requirement of the mono pole .

The monopoles are fitted with stepladder, working platform and rest platform at regular interval when the height of pole is greater than 20 m. Provision is kept to support the Transmission cables coming down from the antennae. Poles are fitted with the aircraft warning light at the top of the pole.

A copper earthing strip runs from the Lightning arrestor rod fixed at the top of the pole toward the foundation.

Straightness, tolerances and plumbness of the pole are maintained within permissible limits according to international standards.

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